Thursday, 21 October 2010

80 years young

Well it was freezing yesterday loads of ice on the car and would you believe it,  couldn’t find a scrapper anywhere !!!!  I know we have one but where?   I was in and out the house like a yo-yo trying to get keys for the family car to have a look then into the garage to look for one, did I find one NO.    I was soooooo long looking that in the end the car did it itself with the heaters etc and off I went to work for a study day which made a real nice change.  So today I shall be off with the rest of the ‘world’ to buy a scrapper.  So next time I WILL be prepared. :)


I made this card for Hazel who was 80 last Sunday – Hazel is  my son-in-laws grandma – Sam said she loved it.  I was my first attempt at a gate fold card with concertina fold in the 2 side pieces – there is probably a proper name for it but it alludes me at the moment.  It’s quite simple but very effective. 


IMG_6532 IMG_6530


I’m off today no major plans except to do my French homework this morning.  Drop some of my samples off to Tracey for her to use at her Stampin' Up!® ‘launch party’ this Friday & Saturday  this evening on my way to French at Murray Park School. After French I’m off to meet friends for a quick drink at King Corner – so no pressure there!!! 

have a great day everyone

Lesley x


Jackie said...

Wow Lesley, I'm not surprised that she loved it, it's so beautiful.
Enjoy King's Corner :o)
Jackie xx

chris said...

Hi Lesley, its so so gorgeous, love the choice of papers brilliant hugs chris xx

jimlynn said...

Lesley, this is just simply GORGEOUS!!! I clicked on it and got a bigger shot and it is just stunning. Such a lovely card.