Friday, 4 March 2011

A Day at the Zoo

Last Sunday saw the ‘Roulstones’ expedition to Twycross Zoo.  Samantha and Ash joined us too.  The weather was lousy wet and overcast  but we were armed wet weather gear and  a pic-nic  we sallied forth. (Birds cobs no less!!!)  Cameron Emily and Oliver had a great day despite the weather.  There were lots of animals out that in the past have been in there den eg the Otters.  We found somewhere warm and dry for our picnic in the Gibbon Cafe.  Cameron was puddle jumping despite being told not too and he didn’t seem to mind soaking wet trousers shoes and sock – although Nanny had to get them clean and dry for nursery the next day – what would we do without washing machine’s and radiators.  However did my mother manage when I was a kid!!!!


Emily being the net!!!

looking at the birds




Oliver Emily & Samantha in the chimpanzee house 


watching the Merkats




  Mummy elephant and baby born 12 months ago



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Lesley x


Jackie said...

Morning Lesley, looks like you had a fab time despite the weather. Sorry to have to tell you though that Ganesh Vijay, the baby elephant, is 18 months not 12 months old :o)
See you at Dabblers tonight after all :o)
Jackie xx

jimlynn said...

Great photos! And it looks like all were having fun.

Chicken lover said...

Hi Lesley
Love the pics, not been to Twycross since girls were little. Did get to Monkey World with Jen for her 18th would recommend if you are ever down Dorset.

chris said...

looks like you had a great time, I have never been to twycross zoo, maybe need a trip out. looks great. looking forward to seeing you soon. hugs chris xx