Saturday, 17 December 2011

Freezing Saturday!!!!

I was up early this morning and it is very  cold  brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, so I thought this card was quite a fitting one to post today!!!

I picked Samantha up at 8:30 and we are off to town.  I’m just hoping it won’t be busy, but I bet it will!

Last night was the last Spondon Dabblers of the year and we had a small fuddle and guess what I forgot to take my camera so there are no photo’s of it :(

I came back from town it was busy and I’m now tired and ready for a sit down and a lovely cup of coffee – ooooooh my feet do ache.



Tonight I’m off to friends for a girlie night in – sadly I am on call so not alcohol for me!!! Just lemonade on the rocks!!


Here are a few more pictures of my holiday in Florida


Guess who?


Magic Kingdom here we come!!!



show in Town Square



Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at night


To get to Downtown Disney we took a river boat ride from the Hotel

Well hope your day was good and I’m looking forward to watching ‘Strictly’ later tonight.  Can’t wait to find out who wins it.  We even watched the American version whilst we were in Florida!!!

thanks for stopping by to read my blog and for leaving comments

Lesley x


Jackie said...

beautiful card and great photographs Lesley :o)
I think I must be the only one in the country who doesn't watch Strictly Come Dancing, or indeed any of the reality shows and soaps!
Have a wonderful Christmas.
Jackie xx

Chicken lover said...

You were brave doing town on the last weekend before Christmas lol
Have a good weekend
Jane x

Sandybeaches said...

Wow! Hi Lesley...your holiday photos look fabulous:)Looks like you had a wonderful time!! Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas and fantastic New Year:)