Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Disaster strikes

Well it’s only half way through the week and I’m looking forward to 2013.   I came home from work and Joe asked me to trim up his hair which I did.  I then thought I just go over the rest of is head and as soon as I realised the trimmers has the wrong head on it I’d taken a great strip of hair off down to the skin, Joe said it couldn’t stay like that so consequently so he had to shave all the rest of his hair off, he is now bald as a coot and not a happy ‘happy bunny’.  I just can’t believe I did such a stupid thing.  Although I’ve said I’m sorry and Joe has forgiven me and he can see the funny side of it.   He isn’t happy as he say he looks like a thug & he’ll not be able to go out the house now for weeks.  We’ve had to find a hat to keep his head warm too. 

I still can’t believe I did it.  ‘Motto think first before you act’ or better still don’t trim your other half’s hair for him.

Two of Samantha’s friend got engaged over the Christmas period & here are the  cards I sent from Joe and I




on a good note I’m looking forward to Spondon Dabblers craft night this Friday and Joe thinks I’d be best there as then I can’t cause any more disasters at home!!!

thank you for stopping by and reading my blog


Lesley xx


Alison xx said...

Believe me you will only make this mistake once !!! How do I son went round with a number 1 until the strip I took off the front of his head caught up with everything else. It's quite a common mistake according to most of my friends !! LOL
Pretty card, A xx

Jackie said...

I am so sorry Lesley but I couln't help chuckling about your disaster, mainly at the thought of you when you realised what you had done!
Two beautiful cards :o)
Jackie xx