Friday, 20 July 2012

Bed shopping is the order of the day . . . . . .


I’m up with the lark this morning as we’ve off bed shopping as we’ve decided that a king size bed is the order of the day.   We’ve not looked at beds for several years and our bed is in definite need of updating. We’ll be off to Hunters first then not sure where we’ll go from there.  Might even take Joe for lunch!!!  We’ll certainly be having a cup of coffee.

In the afternoon I shall be popping round to see a friend for coffee and I’ll also be spending sometime in the craft room as have a couple of anniversary cards to make including one for Joe as ours is soon plus a card for our grandson Cameron who will be 5 at the beginning of August – not sure what theme to do for his hoping for inspiration so if you have any ideas please let me know!!!!



well must go and get ready for going to town

thanks for popping by

Lesley x

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Cindy Jenkins said...

Nice card...when is your anniversary?
Good luck with the bed shopping.