Sunday, 29 July 2012

feeling sorry for myself . . . . . . . .


Such a nice day yesterday & the sun is shinning today.  I’ve got the day off as I should have been a work tonight but on Friday I tripped managed to split my lip, ended up with a bruise & abrasion the size of a golf ball on my forehead & did something to my left ring finger which made it swell immediately. 

To top it all when I started work yesterday my ring finger was swollen and navy blue in colour but the base of my left thumb became increasingly painful as the day went on so I ended up at minor injuries at Ripley Hospital (where that were absolutely brilliant).  Sadly I ended up having my wedding ring cut off, wearing a splint on my left wrist, a neighbourhood splint on my finger and I have to return Monday for an x-ray.  It looks like I may  broken my finger and possibly fractured my left scaphoid. 

So no crafting for me as my left wrist is excruciatingly  painful  as I can’t hold anything  and to top it all I’m left handed!!!!  I’m having to rely on Joe to help me dress etc. Sad smile

So I’m really feeling quite down at the moment as today I’d planned on making a few cards this afternoon but can’t now

On a lighter note here are a few cards I made for a commission several weeks ago.






thanks for popping by

Lesley x


Cindy Jenkins said...

Gosh Lesley....I'm so SORRY!!! Sounds horribly painful! You must have taken quite a sad about your wedding ring! I'll be praying for you.

Debbie said...

Oh dear it does sound as if you've had a bad time, hope you're on the mend soon! Gorgeous cards, I especially love the last one!

Debbie x

jimlynn said...

Oh My GOODNESS!!! Lesley, I'm so sorry all that happened to you!!! PLEASE take care of yourself now and hope everything mends quickly!!

Beautiful cards here - each and every one of them!


Jackie said...

Oh dear Lesley, I do hope you are soon better...hugs
Lovely selection of cards :o)
Jackie xx