Sunday, 25 November 2012

New edition to the family


My niece gave birth to a daughter in Portsmouth.  She has named her Jemima and to make the occasion I made this card for her and her husband and sent an M & S outfit sadly I never thought to photograph that.  The lighting wasn’t too good when I took the picture.


Those of you who are familiar with Stampin Up will recognise that I’ve made this using a wheel and decoupaged one of the vest – they are really great for making quick cards.

The weather is not so good at the moment to I thought I’d blog a couple of my September Holiday picture from France.


A couple of pictures taken whilst we were on holiday in to remind me of warmer sunnier times.


This was is taken when we visited an artisan who harvest Fleur de sel .

Happy days

Lesley x


Helen said...

Wish I'd bought some fleur de sel when I was in France - found a recipe that uses it. Lovely card!

Merry said...

Congrats on the new arrival and a beautiful card you have made. Jemima has always been a favourite name of mine.