Thursday, 27 December 2012

Not as bad as I thought. . . . . .


I went to SW tonight  for my weigh in post Christmas and although I’ve gained 3.5lb over the last week I don’t think that’s too bad in the greater plan of things.   So it’s back on plan from tomorrow. & hoping to loose this amount next week Smile.

I’ve been and taken all the food that I don’t won’t to eat and Joe doesn’t want to either to the Padley Centre on Becket Street where it was welcomed.  So at least I’ve not had to throw it away and I’ve not felt as though I ought to eat it either – it’s all gone to a good home.  I now know that next year I’d don’t need to buy biscuits for cheese, additional bread rolls just in case & mince pies to name just a few food items (all I have to do is remember this!!).


my eldest grandson’s card


Well Christmas is well and truly over for another year.  But  I’ve has 2 great days my family during this festive occasion and watching the awe on the faces of grand children's when opening their presents and playing games with them, Don’t break the ice, Shark Attack & Buzz on the PS2.

Today has been a day of rest I’ve spent a couple of hours watching Downton Abbey Christmas episode with Joe, yet another sad ending with Matthew dying on his way home from seeing his new born son Sad smile.

If the weather holds out and doesn’t rain may go for a walk tomorrow!!

well off to sit and chill now

Lesley x


Merry said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Lesley. Love how you enjoyed all the food on the day and what a terrific idea passing on the food that you no longer want. Wishing you a fantastic 2013

Chicken lover said...

lesley that was really kind of you taking your food to the Padley. We took the excess sandwiches etc from when Dad died to the Padley as they are always grateful for any gifts be it food, clothing, bedding etc
see you soon
Jane x