Sunday, 23 December 2012

What a disasterful day!!!


I had to go into town today and when I put my money in the parking machine it ate my £3 but didn’t deliver a ticket – but after a phone call to the car parking office all was sorted luckily phew!!   I then went off to shop it was quite quiet but as I left around lunchtime it was becoming busy.

I came home because Nicola was popping round with the grand children but Emily fell asleep she phoned to say they weren’t going to come.  I then went off the Borrowash, Sawley, Long Eaton and Sandicare to go drop some cards off and some little gift boxes  that I’d made with chocolate in.

Disaster struck when I thought I’d do my last minute bit of food shopping in Long Eaton.  On leaving the car park I reversed into a barrier (you couldn’t see it in the rear view mirror as it was very low down) and made a rather big dent in the soft part of the bumper so I now have to ring the insurance company tomorrow to arrange the repair.   I was soooooo mad with myself  as it was such stupid thing to do.


My little top note boxes that I made





Well I’m not going out tomorrow – as I will get into less trouble if I stay at home.  I’m planning on doing a bit of baking a Slimming World Cheesecake and Pavlova and a not so slimming Nigella’s Parmesan shortbread bites & her pistchio fudge. 

thanks for dropping by

Lesley x


Cindy Jenkins said...

Merry Christmas Lesley!! Cute boxes....So sorry about your bumper and your frustrating day. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!! Hugs, Cindy

Jackie said...

Crunch, ouch. Oh dear Lesley, not a nice Christmas present :o(
Love your little boxes.
Merry Christmas to your and your family :o)
Jackie xx