Friday, 24 May 2013

Warwick Castle


This time last week I was relaxing in Warwick and the weather was certainly better than it’s been for the last few days.



  Warwick Castle



Henry the 8th and his ‘7th wife’  Smile


a Trebuchet a medieval weapon is demonstrated twice a day and we were fortunate enough to see it launch a flaming projectile


the Bald Eagle having a bath after the bird of prey demonstration


There were an amazing number of Peacocks and Peahens there.  There were even some perched in the trees which I’ve never seen before.  I’m looking forward to returning to Warwick one day


last but not least a picture of the race course



have a great BH weekend sadly I shall be at work Sad smile


Lesley x


jimlynn said...

Awesome photos!

Merry said...

Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing. Looks like such a wonderful place and that peacock looks so elegant.

Jackie said...

Lovely sunny morning today Lesley. What beautiful photographs. It's a place I've never been and probably never will now as it is so expensive and I can't walk well enough to make it worth the cost!
I am at work today and Monday so no holiday for me either! :o)
Jackie xx

Tracey said...

Wonderful photographs Lesley and how lucky you were to see so many birds. I went to Warwick when I was in junior school but I dont remember it very well. Take care Tracey x