Monday, 10 June 2013

Chaddesden Carnival


It was Chaddesden Carnival the first weekend in June and by all accounts it was a great event.  Usually we miss it as we are in France on holidays, but this year we were at home but I was working Sad smile  Joe however was not and he went down to the park where it is held with out son and our 3 grandchildren.    It was very busy Joe said but there was loads to do and see.  When I go home sadly the grandchildren had gone home with their dad but they had left me a lovely surprise handing from my clothes dryer.


2 wonderful hand made and decorated kites.  It really cheered me up as I was really sad I couldn’t have gone with them as I just love carnivals as  I have such wonderful childhood memories of carnival day in the home town.

But never mind there is always next year!!

Lesley x


Merry said...

What wonderful kites they bought you. Was the Carnival all about kite flying?

Jackie said...

What a shame you missed the carnival Lesley, lovely present from the Grandchildren thought :o)
Jackie xx