Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas celebrations continue!!!


Saturday night we met up with friends for a curry at Moza and just as we are to leave the house it pours down with rain!!! Now girls you know what rain does to your hair and I’d been at the hairdresser at 8:30 that morning being beautified!!!  With the rain came a blustery so couldn’t use a brolly!!  So you can imagine what my hair looked like when I arrived at the restaurant!!!  Luckily I’m not a vain person!!!  lol

Friday night was the girls Christmas get and secret Santa exchange together hosted by Anne.  it was a lovely night and as usually Anne did us all proud.  I took my reindeer noses to share with all the girls there.  Yvette is 50 tomorrow so there was cake and celebrations!!!




Yvette blowing out her candle




Barbara just luuuurved her Secret Santa present Smile


Lesley x


Merry said...

Such great fun by the sounds of it….and what a shame about your hair. Glad to hear you didn't let that ruin your night. :-)

Jackie said...

Lovely photographs Lesley, looks like you all had fun :o)
Jackie xx