Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wishi Washi !!!


The pantomime  season is here although I’ve not plans to go to see one this year so far.  But it did inspire me to make a card using Washi tape which led me to think about Wishi Washi who appears in the Pantomime Aladdin !!!    It was a quick, simple and easy card to make but quite effective.




Here are the Reindeer Noses that I made for Samantha to give to the girlies when she met up with them for their Christmas fuddle at the weekend.  Sam said the girls were really impressed and delighted with their little treat.   I got the idea from a crafting friend but rather than make a punch art reindeer as she did I thought this little stamp would do just the job.

I’m going to make a few more to put on the Christmas tree for the grand children to have over Christmas.  They are so simple to make but look brilliant.  I’ve got another similar idea for Christmas 2014!!! 



well must go and get dinner ready otherwise we will be eating at midnight!!!

Lesley x


Tracey said...

Great way to use the tape Lesley. Love your Reindeer Noses and a lot quicker that the punching. Have a lovely day Tracey x

Merry said...

Great use of the Washi tape...lovely card and really like those reindeer noses.