Sunday, 16 February 2014

Out and about!!!


Well yesterday was wet and very cold and whilst it’s cold here today and when I got up at 7 there was a layer of frost on the cars the sun is shinning and hopefully there will be no rain today!  Yesterday I went to Shipley Park with the grandchildren and there Dad but it was very wet and the drainage there is not very good, it must be something to do with the fact that there used to be a coalmine there back in the day.  We had a lovely lunch there and then a scoot around and a play on the play area and the children seemed oblivious to the wet. 


Several months ago I went along with Pam & Tracey to a crafting day at craft works card it was a brilliant day, this was one of the cards we made – well I actually never finished it.  I promised myself that this year I MUST finish project that I start especially the ones from SS.  Last year was that I wasn’t going to hoard these project but to use them.  So I decided that this would be just right for my daughters birthday a few weeks ago now.

As the day is going to be sunny so I’m just waiting for the solar panels to kick in so I can do the washing and put the dishwasher on using solar power.  they have made a huge difference to our electric bill even though prices have gone up our electric bill has gone down yippee!!!

Lesley x

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Jackie said...

Good morning Lesley, lovely card.
it is a shame about the drainage at Shipley Park cuz it's a lovely place, I have been caught out in the sludge there myself :o)
Jackie xx