Monday, 12 May 2014

My favourite bags


Not a crafty post today!! Something different I thought I share with you my 3 favourite bag – all for different reasons!!

I’ve got 3  favourite bags at the moment  the top one because I love Beach Huts.  My daughter bought it back for me when she visited Wales last year with work.   I love all the Seasalt jute bags but this is my favourite!!



this is my next favourite also made of jute but was a secret Santa present from the ‘Jolly Girls’ group of friends.


Lastly the bag I took to Australia with me it is so versatile – I just love it and took it everywhere with me!!   I could get my i pad mini in it, camera,  purse, sun glasses, normal glasses and even room for those tourist information leaflets you just have to carry with you!!

I love the fact that it is made by Forever England.  It’s made of oiled cloth and I just love it – so much so I’ve bought another one in a different colour combination!!


Lesley x

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Tracey said...

Love your bags, they are wonderful. As you know, I too have a bag thing, perhaps a lot of women do but just dont admit it. Tracey x