Monday, 5 May 2014


The seeds have germinated and now Emily and I have seedlings, the only ones theat haven't germinated yet are the peppers but they are quite difficult to grow I seem to remember.   The greenhouse is ready for the tomato and cucumber plants.  I found some wonderful contraptions by hozelock that will keep my grow bags watered for up to 2 weeks which will be a good for when we are on our holidays.  I shan't have too worry about getting someone to water them whilst we are away.    I've just got to get some compost for the veg trugs so that Emily and I can't plant out the peas lettuce perpetual spinach & cabbage, which I think will need planting out in a couple of weeks.

Joe has been sorting the bottom of the garden with help from the 'boys' it's still work in progress.  I must get more ornamental bark delivered - can't believe how much we are using!  But it's looking good and enable the garden to be low maintenance.  This is our work in progress.

Our very colourful dwarf Rhododendron which we must have had for over 25 years! 

Lesley x

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Jackie said...

Morning Lesley, (didn't say good because it's teeming down!).
You have been a very busy lady, everything is looking good ion you garden/greenhouse now :o)
Jackie xx