Saturday, 28 June 2014

River trip and cycle ride!!!

I thought I'd just share a couple of clean, simple and quick cards I made a few weeks ago

Yesterday Joe and I went for a boat ride on the Loire from Montjean.  It was very relaxing we saw the old coal mine and the lime kilns that were in use in the mid 19th century.  Until the mid 1960's they also used to grow hemp in the locality for rope making.  We saw several birds including Terns, Cormorants, Grey Herons and areas where Beavers are now active again.  

Yesterday afternoon after a lunchtime shower the sun shone and it was quite warm again, so we got on bike and went for a 2 hour cycle ride around the country lanes, we ended up cycling along lanes with grape vines either side to the old Quarry and Lime Kilns at Pincourt and then comming  down a very steep road (we would call it an alleyway) which brought us out onto the banks of the Loire just in front of the old stone pit head.  We cycled back to the campsite stopping at Les Lucettes for a drink!!

Quarry and lime kilns at Pincourt

Views of the Loire at Chalonnes sur Loire

Thank you for taking the time to read my 

Lesley x

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Jackie said...

Beautiful cards Lesley, love that rose.
Lovely photographs, sounds like you are having a wonderful time :o)
Jackie xx