Friday, 4 July 2014

Our last day in the Loire!!!

I said yesterday that we were travelling up to Normandie today but we decided against it as the weather is just so lovely.  Last night we sat outside for dinner and remained outside again until it went dark at 22:00.  The temp reached 34oC yesterday.  We decided  at the last minute to have another day a La Promenade.  

After a slow start to the day and a visit to Super U.  We sat down for a late lunch of baguette and cheese around 13:30.  Whilst eating out lunch we were visited by a Swallowtail butterfly the first we both have ever seen in the wild!!

Late afternoon we went for a relatively short bike ride of only 6 miles along the banks of the Loire soaking up the sun and the views returning via the back country roads - luckily today there has been a bit of a wind but it's still been 32oC.  Tonight everything appears to have stopped whilst the match is on there are lots of people spotting their French flag.  Joe is planning to watch football match with the French on the site in the bar with a cold beer.

There is another match being shown a 22:00 and the campsite owners are cooking ' saucisse et frites' between the matches for the supporters. Unfortunately the score at half time was France 0 Germany 1 :( 
I mentioned yesterday the the fields of hydrangeas so as we past today I took a picture.

Well I'm off for a swim now

À bientôt

Lesley x


jimlynn said...

I hate to see your holiday there end almost as much as you do! I've enjoyed all the pictures so much. That's a sensational picture of the swallowtail!!!

Tracey said...

More stunning photos, especially the butterfly wow. Enjoy the sun while you can Lesley, the weather is extremely wet here x