Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tales from the River Bank

Well July is upon us.  Joe and I took the opportunity of taking a ride to the boulangerie this morning to buy a ready made sandwiches and a delicious macaroon made with pistachio and raspberry delicious is was.

After lunch we went off on a shorter bike ride today combing riding along the banks of the Loire and the country roads which are devoid of traffic.  We only rode 12 km today.  The sun was shining and we'd not a care in the world.  At the end of the ride we stopped at Les Lucettes over looking the Loire for a lovely drink.

Can you believe this tray of peaches was only €3 about £2.40 and they are delicious at the weekend I bought a Melon Nantais from the local market for only €1 and it was so sweet and tasty! 

Lesley x

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