Friday, 15 August 2014

all in the garden is rosy . . . .


Well I’m hoping the winds have now stopped and that the sun is going to shine, well it is shining now as my neck of the woods and it’s quite warm.  

This year is first time in probably over a decade that I’ve gown vegetables with the help of Emily.     Emily inspired me to do it as last year we grew a few ‘pea pods’ and the grandchildren were so exited by this and being able to eat fresh peas it inspired me to have a go this year but properly.  It’s  been very rewarding especially when they were harvesting the peas a few weeks ago now.  I’ve just picked the first 4 ripe cherry tomatoes of the year from my greenhouse!! They are so tasty – Joe and I ate them straight away!! 

We’ve had several cucumbers so far and Emily has been so pleased at growing them & being able to harvest them as she loves cucumber.  Every time she comes to the house she rushes to water ‘her’ plants and remove the male flowers from the cucumber plants – note to self buy F1 hybrid seeds next year.

My daughter and son in law celebrated their 4th  Wedding anniversary back in July and I thought it was an ideal celebration to make a card in a box, this one is quite good a good size as it fit’s into a C6 envelope!!  I love it so much that I had to take pictures from every angle.  Some of my friends will recognise these papers are Time Flies from Craft Work card.  I was so pleased with the card as you can see I took pictures from all angles.



top down view


have a wonderful sunny day

Lesley x


Jackie said...

Beautiful card Lesley.
There's nothing as nice as home grown is there. I used to grow my own but can't any more...sigh...
Jackie xx

Jackie said...

Hi Lesley, me again. I am not into buying any make of stamps nowadays, but when I saw Pauline's card made using the Work of Art set I thought it was versatile enough to use for any time and occasion so I asked her to get the set for me :o)
Jackie xx

Karen said...

Stunning Lesley. Hope you are well.

Love Karen x