Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wedding card

I thought the weather wasn't going to be too bad today but it's become quite dull :(  Just put the sheets onto wash lets hope I can get them dry without using the tumble dryer!!

Many moons ago my daughter's co worker asked her if I would make her a wedding card for and below is the card I did.  Sadly my photography wasn't up to much that day so it doesn't do the colours justice :(

At the weekend the boys came round and helped Joe replace the garage roof a mamouth task but they did it.  It no longer leaks - yipeee.  The leaking in the garage was getting me down as we'd got bucket and container catching the water every time it rained.    After last nights rain I went in this morning and the garage is bone dry. I just can't beleiveit!!!.   I am so greatful the the lads as with out their help Joe and I couldn't have lifted the panels on our own.   I did however supply them all Saturday with copious amount of tea/coffee, sandwiches, crisps and 'luxury' biscuits to keep them going :)

Lesley x


Tracey said...

Lovely card Lesley. Glad you got the garage roof sorted and hope you get your washing dry. Tracey xx

Jackie said...

Wonderful card Lesley, so pretty, and quite a busy one for you LOL.
Glad you got your garage sorted out and dry :o)
Jackie xx