Monday, 28 December 2015

Busy few days

Evening of December 22nd saw us gather for our craft groups fuddle and us all getting into the Christmas Spirit.   Here are a couple of pictures from that event.  We all had a Christmas photo opportunity!!!

 Tracey and Pam

yours truely

Well it's been a bit busy over the last few days but very enjoyable!!  I wonder why?  Yes you've guessed it was Christmas!!

Christmas day was spent with family with our Christmas dinner was a grand affair 17 of us in total & cooked by Nicola and a wonderful dinner it was too!!  We provided the deserts.

Boxing day the family came to ours for the day with a party in the evening.  Joe had a X Box 1 and we did a bit of singing with 'Now that's what I call singing'  Emily loved it and we had several renditions of 'Let it go'.

Oliver and I played bowling on the Wii - which was good as I usually don't get ago :(

Yesterday saw me take a walk down the park with Emily and Oliver and they had a good 2 hours on the park and after lunch Emily stayed whilst the boys went home with their mum.  Emily and I played shopping, painted a pottery car followed by some more crafting.  Before she went home we watched the film Madagascar which I'd never seen and laughed a great deal as it was a brilliant film.

Samantha asked me to knit another rabbit for a friend at work for Christmas which I just managed to complete just before.  I've knitted a rabbit and a bear for Samantha and Ash which I will blog in the New Year.

Lesley x


Merry said...

That rabbit is beautiful…wonderful colours and love the pattern on the body. Sounds and looks like a wonderful Christmas. All the best for 2016

Buffy said...

Super photos Lesley. I wish I could have made it, but alas work was not swamped.
As for the rabbit, just adorable.
Buffy x