Saturday, 9 April 2016

Golden wedding anniversary . . . . .

I'm feeling quite down in the dumps as my right arthritic knee & both foot has been giving me constant pain for the last 3 weeks,    Although we had a great long weekend in London the pain seriously restricted what I was able to do walking wise and I was constantly having to take pain relief.  But the pain is now waking me up at night and stopping me from driving, so I'm going to have to visit the doctors!!  But I'm not sure what they will be able to do as if I take any more strong pain relief I will be asleep all the time!!!

Some close friends recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and this is the card that I made for them.  

Lesley x


Babs said...

What a gorgeous card for your friends 50Th Anniversary Lesley, such pretty dies too

Hugs Babs x

Merry said...

Love your card, that die cut is beautiful. So sorry to hear about your arthritis giving you pain. I have arthritis in my toes and fingers but have been taking this and I have great movement and very little pain. Hope you find a solution

pam said...

Hi Lesley, beautiful card for your friends Golden Wedding anniversary.
Sorry to hear about your knee troubles, I have it a lot of place`s too, worst is my thumb joints, was offered new joints by consultant, right hand first said I would think about it, but I think I will keep going as I am, when I looked into it.
Take care Pam x

Diane said...

Oh Lesley sorry to hear about your knee troubles I hope the doctor can help. Your card design is just fabulous.

Hugs Diane