Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Simple but effective card . . . .

One of my recent creations for a friends birthday.  


I am hoping the weather will improve here today, so  that we can go on a cycle ride later.  
Below is a recent picture I took on my travels.


My right knee is still giving me a little pain at times but the Naproxen that the GP prescribed recently seems to be helping, and also the excercises I've been doing as advised by the Physiotherpist, but I some times wish I didn't have 'arthur' 

Lesley x


Di said...

Beautiful card Lesley, so soft and very pretty too. You mention Naproxen - has your doctor also given you pills to take each day to protect your stomach etc.? Just a thought.


Di xx

Natalia Smith said...

Beautiful birthday card, fab design x

Merry said...

I love your name for arthritis…..I will remember that. :-) Beautiful card.