Monday, 17 October 2016

reunion weekend in Plymouth . . . . . .

the last 2 weeks have been a little busy . . . our friends came over from Oz.  We then headed off to Plymouth for 4 nights which incorporated a hospital reunion and a catch up with more friends.

The sun shone for the majority of the weekend except for the Friday morning when it rained  . . a lot.  These weekend a lots of fun but very tiring, these days it takes me a week to get over them!!  lol.  They only happen ever 2 years and the last one was the 11th.  So we've been going for the last 22 years, so perhaps that's why? 

Saturday we had a mooch round the Hoe and took the ferry over to Mountbatten

Saturday nights tables before we all sat down

Elaine and I at Royal Willaim Yard Sunday morning

speed boat racing in the sound on Sunday morning

Lesley x

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