Saturday, 13 February 2010

Happy Moments

Well it was the weekend again. I was so tired last night after my busy week that I went to bed early – no crafting although my intention was to start some wedding invitations. I went upstairs to watch a bit of TV and have a lie down and went to sleep. Joe was downstairs on the Wii taking part in the 2010 Winter Olympic. I don’t think he won any gold medals tho’ lol
But he had lots of fun taking part!!!


Well I’m off to have coffee with a crafty friend in a minute.

I’m off to the circus with my grandchildren and their parents this afternoon. It should prove and exiting time as Cameron is 2yrs 5 months and Emily 16 months. I’m really looking forward to it.

Popping to town later with Joe as he has a suit fitting for a wedding!!!


Well have a great day
all you bloggers!!
Lesley x


Jackie said...

Pretty pair of cards. Sounds like abusy but enjoyable day for you today. Say hello to the girls :o)
Jackie xx

Sarpreet said...

2 beautiful simple cards, beautifully designed

jimlynn said...

Cute cards, Lesley.....and have fun at the circus!

Tracey said...

Hope you had a great time at the circus and that you are not too shattered after your busy day.


Chicken lover said...

how do you fit so much in to your day! I am on a go slow at the mo xx
Will be needing x2 21st cards soon, one boy and one girl xx