Saturday, 22 January 2011

Doom and Gloom

Well last Monday I had a crisis my PC wouldn’t burst into life.  I thought I’d lost all my stored data, doom gloom & despair.  I’d got friends round to sort out details for Dabblers at Ilkeston and I couldn’t access my e-mails.   I felt bereft.   Luckily I have a Joe who came to the rescue.  He is a wizz with these technological phenomena’s and he did several ‘health checks’ etc & diagnosed it was the power pack of which he just happened to have a spare in the loft.  So within a couple of hours I was back on line etc.  What I’d do with out him I don’t know.  As I am a techno phob and no nothing about such things!!!!

A lot has happened since Gina hosted a December workshop , but I thought I would share with you the cards that the ladies made that evening.








Thanks for dropping by and having a look at my cards & please leave a comment.  Pop back anytime soon.

Lesley x

Best wishes



Jackie said...

Lovely cards lesley, I am so glad you got back on the PC. Perhaps you should think of investing in an external hard drive to store all your precious files on! :o)
Jackie xx

Chicken lover said...

Joe to the rescue! Just had to buy a wireless keyboard CID Percy Pug chewed the wire! Happy carding x Jane

jimlynn said...

Hey Lesley - your cards are just great!!! So very pretty.
I really had to laugh though about all the problems with your computer...I wouldn't have had a clue about how to fix it and would have probably just wanted to chunk it in the trash!! I get so stressed over that type of thing. Glad your husband got it up and running again....must be very nice to have him around for sure!!

Sarpreet said...

Really beautiful, great finished result - i am so glad I have my dad to fix my pc