Saturday, 23 June 2012

It’s all birthday’s, birthday’s, birthday’s!!!


2012 seems to be the year of 60th birthdays amongst our friends apart from it being the Queens Diamond Jubilee.  I hadn’t realised up until now just how many friends and family were celebrating their 60th this year.  Sadly mine won’t be until 2016.

The top card was made for a colleague from work who was 60 back in May.  The bottom one is for a very close friend Lyn had her 60th birthday earlier this month whilst we were on holiday so we weren’t able to celebrate the day with her – it was personalised but I forgot to take a picture of it completed Sad smile



We also have a few more 60th birthdays.  Mark (Joe’s cousin’s husband) was yesterday but the family get together is later today  which hopefully we’ll be going to if I’m feeling up to it.  And Sue another friend (who we have none since our Navy days) who will be 60 in August and we will be celebrating her 60th with her on August 4th. 

Well thanks for dropping by

best wishes

Lesley x


Jackie said...

Good morning Lesley, beautiful cards and wonderful photographs since my last visit. Enjoy the party tonight :o)
Jackie xx

Merry said...

Lesley two beautiful cards. I really like the papers you have used in the first card. I have to say I think you are first person that is sad about not turning '60' just yet. :-) I have a little way to wait but happy to wait.