Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Golfing Mad!!!


It was my eldest’s birthday on August 1st and he just loooooooooooooves golf especially as he had to stop playing football after a severe knee injury.

On his birthday Joe and Nicola went and played a round of golf with him and in the evening all the family  had a curry night  at their house from Bollywood Spice.  Sadly Samantha had to work and couldn’t join us until after 9pm but there was plenty of curry for her to enjoy when she dropped by to join us all.

Another card made with a patriotic theme with a water coloured image – the trousers have been decoupage but you can’t see that from the photograph.


My hand is still giving me pain especially at night.  The hand therapist was very pleased with my range of movement in my finger at my last appointment – which has pleased me as one of the problems with the injury as it becomes stiff.  So I need to carry on with the hand exercises until they see me again

Lesley x

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Jackie said...

Lovely card Lesley, I can't make a golf ball lift off the ground, they just roll along as if they have all the time in the world... :o)
Jackie xx