Sunday, 16 September 2012

Raspberry ripple


Only a short post today as I’ve got a busy day ahead.  My hand continues to improve thanks to all the physio I’ve been doing and I’m back at the hand clinic next week for a review of my finger injury but prior to this I’ve got a physio appointment to access my range of movements.  I thinks it’s improved loads from 2 weeks ago but I still have some limited movement of my wrist and finger joint



I like the new Raspberry ripple ‘In colour’ for 2012-14 but more importantly this photo for once shows the shimmer effect that you get when shimmer paint is applied -  a first for me & my photography-still don’t know what i did to get such a good picture!!

Thanks for visiting today

Lesley x


Merry said...

This is such a pretty Christmas card.

Jackie said...

Good morning Lesley, I am so pleased your hand is improving. That shimmer looks fantastic on this beautiful card :o)
Jackie xx

Tracey said...

Really pleased to read that your hand/finger is improving and good luck with all the appointments this week. Love the card Lesley and Raspberry Ripple is one of new favourite colours I say one of then because everytime I use another colour, that becomes my favourite lol. Tracey x

jimlynn said...

So glad all is going good with your hand!

Beautiful card Lesley! Love the way you did the ornament on here. So pretty.