Saturday, 9 February 2013

Fine Feathers!!!!


Last Saturday saw Tracey and I holding our 2nd crafting afternoon.  It was quite a busy affair – crafting afternoon  for 20 and then I working Sunday.  I was doing a lot of standing Saturday and my left foot played up – the dreadful arthritis it was so painful that it woke me up Saturday night and I had to get up an take some strong analgesia. 


P1060686 (2)_resize

Above is on of the cards I made for the crafting afternoon to show different variations.  I saw a card on Ann Haywood blog in USA  that gave me the idea for this card.

The card below is the cards that the the ladies made at the crafting afternoon




Lemon Drizzle:  cake one of the 3 cakes I made for our craft event -I know you shouldn’t praise yourself but it was truly delicious


Work on Sunday went uneventfully uneventful although my foot continued to be painful but by Monday it was ok.

I’ve lots to do today –firstly off to Long Eaton then to the garage to find out why my engine management warning light is on, then off to pick up a lamb (not a live one) for the freezer and then to the craft shop to pick up some items that have been put by for me phew I’m tired already!!!

thanks for stopping by and reading my blog

Lesley x


Merry said...

Busy, busy by the sounds of it Lesley. Those feathers are terrific and that cake looks so yum.

Jackie said...

Beautiful cards Lesley, and if you don't blow your own trumpet no-one else will LOL.
Sorry to hear your arthritis is playing up, I hope it soon eases. My shoulder is still tender and feels bruised but at least I can work now!
Jackie xx