Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Relaxation . . . . . .


I’ve recently returned from a relaxing week in Side Turkey.  The journey there was eventful because of the snow that fell on the Friday & early hours of Saturday.  We arrived at East Midlands airport round 6am for a 9 o’ clock flight.  When we arrived I thought the departures lounge was busy but thought no more of it until when having a coffee I got chatting to a women who said they were due to fly at 07:30 to the Canaries but their flight had been cancelled. 

Eventually we were told that our airplane was at Manchester Airport as it has not been able to land at E Midlands.  To cut a long story short after much waiting and queuing we were transferred by coach to Manchester.  It was quite strange because by the time we got to the M6 the countryside was devoid of snow.  When we arrived at Manchester there was more hanging around followed by queuing waiting for check in and then going to the departure lounge having been given £8 worth of vouchers each for a light snack.  We eventually flew out at 16:30 hrs.  Consequently we didn’t arrive in res0rt until gone 00:30hrs.



After getting to bed quite late it felt quite bizarre when we woke up to blue skies sunshine and warmth, having left the wearing fleeces, jumpers, trousers scarves, boots etc. we were now in T shirts crops trousers/shorts and sandals & having to use sun screen!!!!

The hotel it’s facilities and surroundings was brilliant especially this is not the usual sort of holiday Joe and I do.



My post wouldn’t be complete with out this the statutory drink – posted especially for Tracey as she thinks we spend all our holidays in bars/pubs!! lol



Lesley x


Jackie said...

Good morning Lesley, wonderful photographs. We did have lots of blue sky here but it was with sub zero temperatures! :o)
Jackie xx

Merry said...

Looks like a wonderful place. Your first day sounded very long. Thanks for sharing the photo.

Cindy Jenkins said...

Hi Lesley, Other than the waiting, your trip sounded totally delightful! It's wonderful that you and Joe are able to travel to all these fantastic places! I'm jealous :-)
Thanks for the Easter greetings.
Your friend, Cindy