Friday, 5 July 2013

Friday frolics!!!


It’s the Elvaston Steam Rally & the Waddington Air Show  this weekend and it’s going to be nice weather for both .  Both are excellent days out but sadly I won’t be going to either this year. Sad smile   Joe and I have attended many caravan rally at the air show and we’ve planned to rally there next year.  The Steam Rally is an excellent affair too and last year due to the atrocious rain we had it was cancelled.

I’m going to have a quiet weekend, although it’s Derby Dabblers tonight so I shall get Joe to drop me off and pick me up.  I’ve got plenty of crafting  ideas to take tonight, I just need to get organised!!!


P1070349 (2)

Just what we’;l all need to keep cool this weekend – ‘Polar Ice’   Smileas we don’t go in for aircon in this county!!!

I took this photo at Chateau Breze whilst in France it was a gorgeous colour and with a beautiful perfume



have a super weekend!

Lesley x


Tracey said...

Lovely card Lesley, I see you are getting your Christmas ones sorted. Lovely flower and such an usual colour. Have a great weekend Tracey x

Jackie said...

Beautiful card, gorgeous photograph.
It must be about 18 years since I went to an air show and about 10 years since I went to the Steam Rally, can't handle to walking around much nowadays!
Enjoy your restful weekend :o)
Jackie xx

Peg Coombes said...

Great weather for the show, hope you had a great time, love the polar bear makes it feel a bit cooler!