Saturday, 27 July 2013

Not been up to much . . . . .

It’s nearly 2 weeks since I last blogged.    I’ve not been up to much recently as the injury to my knee has meant that I’ve had to rest it a lot but it is on the mend and I’ll be back at work Monday.  I had a physio appointment Friday and now have exercise to do to strengthen it.


Here are a couple of cards I made using fine feathers for a commission for a friend


Just loved these wild meadow flowers so thought I would share them with you and hope you are still enjoying the sunshine!!



Lesley x


Jackie said...

Hi Lesley, glad to hear that your knee is getting better...hugs
Beautiful cards and photograph. I am sorry to say that the weather has not been to my liking at all, I need it to be 20C or under to function comfortably! :o)
Jackie xx

Merry said...

Hi there Lesley, I am catching up on blogland, I hope your knee is much better by now. Those feather cards are so pretty.