Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sultry Sunday . . . . . . . . .


It was sooo hot yesterday I almost melted.  I woke up early this morning and Joe and I  took the opportunity to sit in the garden, I drinking my first coffee of the day & Joe his tea!!  It was so cool then.   I then had my breakfast of poached eggs on toast whilst Joe read the paper.  Thank goodness it’s been a little cooler today.

Whilst it was still cool I made a Slimming World chickpea loaf ready for lunch.

My friend Pam popped in at lunchtime, it was so lovely to see her & we whiled away a couple of hours over diet cokes sat in the garden in the shade!!



Here’s a card I made several weeks ago.
I just need to add a sentiment and then it will be ready for my friend’s birthday later this month.


Now I’ve got the knitting bug again.  I’ve not really knitted since my children were small, although I have made an Aran cardigan for Emily a few years ago now and a jumper for Cameron when he was a baby.  I quite like to knit whilst TV in the evening.  I decided I was going to take some knitting away with me to France  this year.  So prior to my holiday  I went to town with Samantha to buy some wool.  Samantha chose the colour as she has more of a flair for colour that I have.  Below is the ‘bolero’ type cardy that I knitted for Emily.  She loved it and proudly took it to nursery to show it off to her Teacher!!  It as dead easy to knit and I really enjoyed doing it.  I’ve started my next project so will post that when it’s completed!!!



Lesley x


Jackie said...

Very pretty card and cardi Lesley. Too hot for me. I was at Shipley Park just after 6.30 this morning taking advantage of the cool, I will be in hiding the rest of the day! :o)
Jackie xx

Jackie said...

Hi Lesley, me again. No, two of the lakes were at Kirk Hallam and the other one was on the Ilkeston/West Hallam road. I never thought of the Sawley gravel pits, may have to go and investigate :o)
Jackie xx