Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Goodbye Southern Hemisphere - hello Northern Hemisphere!!!

We have had such an amazing 4 weeks in Australia.  I was dreading the flight but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!!  The first week was a bit strange but I think we were both severely jet lagged even though we didn't do much for the first couple of days on reflection I think we probably should have left going into Sydney CBD for a further couple of days.  

The Garden at 8 am Saturday April 12th 2014


Elaine and I just before 11am both of us feeling a bit sad - although I'm going home yo see my family who I've missed very much - just hope the grandchildren have grown loads!!

It was very sad to say cheerio to Mick & Elaine when they dropped us ofF at Kingsford Smith today although it was only aurevoir as Elaine & Mick are coming to England in September for 2 weeks as we have our Royal Naval Hospital reunion at the beginning of October so we are going to spend 4 days in Plymouth, something else to look forward to.

Our flight back was not too bad either but since getting back I'm not too sure which time zone I'm in or which hemisphere either!!!

Lesley x

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Jackie said...

At least you've got some wonderful memories Lesley, and you have come back to gorgeous sunshine :o)
Jackie xx