Sunday, 15 June 2014

It’s all Lah de Dah!!



La De Dah journals are designed to keep all the special things worth remembering. Tickets, project ideas, life lists… just about anything, you just write it out and stick it in! There are no rules it’s alfresco!!

I’m probably a bit late coming to these type of books.  Lots of company’s make them but I chose this one as it originated in Australia and I thought it would be a quick and easy way to mark our recent holiday of a life time to Sydney.

I think the only thing I regretted was when I came back to the UK I couldn’t my experience of the place of her birth with my Mum and talk to her about the places she told me about when I was little.  I think it would have been wonderful for her & me to share our memories together.

So this is a project in progress

As it’s Father’s Day today and my Dad has been dead some years now thought I’d put a little bit of a tribute to him on my blog.

Nitas pics11

This is my Mum & Dad on their Wedding Day in March 1946 at St Pauls Church Canterbury Sydney.

Happy Father’s Day - Dad


Above is the same Church in April 2014


Lesley x

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