Friday, 25 July 2014

All in the garden is well!

Well the weather continues to be warm.  Yesterday I went out with my friend Pam to visit a craft shop at Clay Cross where the Tattered Lace dies are dispatched from.  I just had to buy 2 of the Tattered Lace magazines!!!

I also bought a couple of clear stamp sets for £2 each (a bargain buy :) )

I love the dies on the 2 magazines and because we belonged to a local craft group we got a 10 percent 
discount as we.  I've got my eye on a poinsettia die which Pam and I are hoping to buy at their next sale day in September.

Emily's peas have been growing well and we have picked 2 big calendar bowls full to date.  Every time she visits she rushes off to the greenhouse to water the cucumber, tomato and pepper plants we have grown from seed.

It's been an absolute joy to watch her amazement as the seeds have grown into plants and then produce fruit.  Our next crop will be the cucumbers.  Emily. And I  had to plant some more lettuce seeds although we had about 6 harvests from the lettuce after that they began to wilt so I had to pull them up and start again.

Lesley x


Tracey said...

You certainly found a bargain with the stamps, good for you. Wow, lots of produce from the greenhouse.

Jackie said...

Good morning Lesley, you are so right and I will be so pleased when we get some cool weather LOL.
Everything looks good in the garden/greenhouse for you :o)
Jackie xx