Saturday, 2 August 2014



July 31st was the 5th anniversary of my Mum’s passing – I miss her every day how I would have loved to have told about our  recent holiday in Sydney Australia amongst other things.



my amazing Mum!!



My friend celebrated her birthday last week and I made my version of a card based on one that I made with a a crafting friends last year, using some lovely 12 x 12 from Sewing Bird papers by Tilda.




I’ve been in the garden briefly the this morning to remove all the male flowers from my cucumbers, I now have 4 growing strong, the peppers are flowering well and I’ve loads of cherry tomatoes growing too. I also needed to pull up the pea plants as Emily and I harvested our last crop of peas from the plants last Tuesday.  Emily and her brothers have so loved eating the fresh peas from them – we have too Smile

Well I’m off to Wilkco in a bit and the to meet up with my friend Pam for a coffee.

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