Thursday, 25 September 2014

Nature walk . . .

Today saw us head out in the car to check out a cycle route but also to visit Saint-Colombier, Lasneé,  Saint-Armel, Le Passage and Île Tascon.  There was a causeway to the Île but we didn't traverse it, we thought we'd leave that to another time as we weren't sure of the tide times and didn't want to get stranded on the island as there is no ferry service back to  Lasné !!

We did however have a short walk around the coast at Saint Colombier & around the marshes at Lasné.  We then had a much long walk around the marshes at Suscinio.

During our walk around the marshes at Suscinio we saw several Ibis, a Spoonbill, swans, and several wadders that we still need to identify. 

Lesley x

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Jackie said...

More beautiful photographs Lesley, you certainly know where to go for the good shots :o)
Jackie xx