Friday, 26 September 2014

Not such a good end to a wonderful day . . .

Well more cycling for me this holiday :). Just as well it's coming to an end.

Yesterday Joe and I decided to have a ride along the cycle routes to Lasné where we planned on having our lunch.  We rode into Sarzeau & picked up 2 'sandwiches' from the Boulangerie freshly made every day.  We place these in out back packs and off we rode cycling past Duer where the is a bird sanctuary ( sadly closed from the end of August) but we were fortunate to be able to access 1 of the hides and I managed to take a picture if a Lapwing on my camera).

We then continued riding to Lasné through Saint-Colombier, there are miles and miles of cycle routes criss crossing Presqu'île de Rhuys which makes it fairly safe for cycling as you never have to ride on main roads.  After 10 miles we arrived at ourdestination.  There were several camping cars parked there and the French were having their statutory 2 hour lunch break, very civilised!!  Some were BBQ'ing others just having a simple pic nic but in a lovely location.  

We found a bench on which  to sit & eat our baguette whilst soaking up the sun and taking in the spectacular views.  I shall miss this life when I return home :( to reality!

On this photo you can just see a little black dot which is a car crossing the causeway to Île  de Tarzon. 

After our lunch we made our 10km  return via Sarzeau using the cycle tracks - taking a bit of a detour when the signs ranout and we had to decide which way to go.  But we soon managed to get back on track. 

True to form we stopped off at a brassiere for a drink in the Place du Marché in Sarzeau  before returning to our camp site.a

All was good until I managed to slipped on the caravan steno and sustained a deep gash to my knee, boy did it hurt!! I was really mad with myself doing such a daft thing.  The gash was right in the centre if my knee so every time I bent it it started to bleed profusely luckily I carry steri strip with me just incase, so I managed to pull the edges together and stop the bleeding  as I didn't fancy a trip to the local hospital.  However it was and is still very sore.  . Trust me to do such a daft thing, I seem to manage injure myself every time I go away.  Still I managed to hobble round today and I went for a swim as thought it would help with the joint swelling.

Lesley x

Lesley x

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Jackie said...

Oooooooooooh1 Ouch! I felt that for you Lesley. What a sad finish to what looked like a glorious day and more lovely photographs :o)
Jackie xx