Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sarzeau pres qu'île de Rhyus

Yesterday after a slow start and a visit to the supermarket and lunch sat out side in the sun consisting of baguette  and French cheeses saw us head off on our bikes to the Port of St Jaques on our bikes.  We stopped off for a coffee in a lovely cafe which doubled up as an ice cream palour selling over 20 varieties of sundaes with or without alcohol!!  But I resisted but how long who can tell.  May  have to have one of them before we leave the area!!

View from the café whilst we sat with our drinks.

Loved the litte teapot that the hot milk came in for my grande crême.

Then last night disaster struck a large chunk of a filling came out whilst I was eating!! I've got no pain but am worried that the tooth that is left mat crack whilst I'm away!! So today it's been a soft pasta etc whilst I contemplate the best course of action!!

Lesley x


Jackie said...

Lovely pics Lesley, you seem to spend a lot of time in France :o)
Jackie xx

Jackie said...

Not going to Viv's this week, too much pain to do the 100 miler round trip :o( Hopefully next time :o)
Jackie xx