Saturday, 13 September 2014

Sun Sun Sun!!!


Well what a lovely day it is – when I arose early I knew it was going to be a great day.  Sadly I had to go into work at 8 to sort a few bit out that I couldn’t leave til Monday.  I’ve been a bit absent from blog world over the last few weeks as life has been  a bit busy for me.  Hopefully the next few months will be a little quieter!!

I’ve seen my amazing daughter this morning and had a coffee with her and last Wednesday Joe and I went for dinner with Matt Nicola & the grandchildren.  What more could I ask for.

I’m still harvesting cherry tomatoes and cucumbers from the greenhouse and the peppers whilst small are growing.  My biggest one though was snaffled by a slug, I only found it Monday and it’s a gnawed away the bottom of it grrrrrrrrrrrrr.



Samantha's friend & her husband had a little baby boy a few weeks ago called Harry and this is the card I sent to her.   He is a gorgeous little boy and I was fortunate enough to meet him when he was less that 24 hours old Smile


Between us Samantha and I made a basket of goodies for her and baby and back in June Samantha asked me to make a pram blanket for her.  I took the wool and my knitting needles away to France in June and voila!!!  You can see in the bottom picture the basket weave type pattern.  This is the second time I’ve made this and I just love doing it.  The wool is a velour type so it is soooooooooooo soft.



Lesley x


jimlynn said...

Cute, cute card for a little baby boy. Love your blanket too!! You're so talented.

Jackie said...

Lovely card and beautiful knitting Lesley :o)
Jackie xx