Saturday, 28 March 2015

Downton Abbey fans: you never guess what . . . .


Well yesterday on our jollies Joe and I visited a picturesque village called Bampton in the Cotswolds which features in the TV series Downton Abbey as the village of Downton and guess what they were getting ready for some filming today so there were props people painting lamp post, putting up signs covering up 21st century electrics etc. 



St Mary’s Church, renamed as Downton’s St Michael and All Angels


The Downton WWI war memorial was in position (evidently it can be lifted with one hand!!)  As you can imagine I couldn’t resist taking a few picture.


Downton Cottage Hospital


When we were walking to the the Church I saw this sign and thought it was a bit strange as it said Ripon and Thirsk on it.  I then thought no more until we saw the rest going on and then it dawned on me they were getting ready to film – which they were this morning!!  Sadly I wasn’t offered a job as an extra Smile


I wasn’t sure what this guy was doing except I wondered if it was the memorial for cooks nephew as his name  couldn’t be placed on to the main memorial?  But it was fascinating to watch this being transformed though.


Downton Village Post office



‘Post Box’ that covers up a bin as the side of the Post Office


Post office window


outside the ‘Post Office’


Joe outside the Dog and Duck ‘pub’ .  The sign is lying on the floor waiting to be put in place



Lesley x

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Jackie said...

Never seen the programme Lesley, but wonderful photographs :o)
Jackie xx