Friday, 20 March 2015

Is Spring in the air?


Well a momentous occasion this morning and I managed to miss it.  The  Eclipse came an went.  I blame work, I meant to pop outside to see it then got involved with answering phone calls etc,  as 08:30-10 am is the busiest time in our office Sad smile I was really annoyed with myself as I am unlikely to be around for the next one!!!  But when I got home this evening Joe had managed to view it using a colander and chopping board!!!

I have however seen a brilliant picture that my daughter took and put on FB.




another couple of Gorgeous Grunge cards


Well am looking forward to a quiet and restful weekend

Lesley x


Jackie said...

Lovely cards Lesley.
I tried the colander and saw nothing! So I tried the pinhole in black card method, but couldn't stay still long enough to watch it move across as it hurt my back too much!
Never mind, I have seen some fantastic pics of it :o)
Jackie xx

Tracey said...

More lovely cards Lesley, I do like the Gorgeous Grunge stamp set. Pity about missing the eclipse but its wonderful to see all the photos people managed to take. I hope you manage to get your restful weekend. Tracey x