Friday, 8 May 2015



Well good morning world!!  I’m off on my crafting retreat today which I am so looking forward to because the last 6 weeks has been pretty hectic so this will be a few days where I can relax and enjoy crafting in good company.

But before I go I thought I would take the opportunity to share a recent card I made for the  birth of baby Elsie recently!  Elsie was born a few weeks ago now but this was the card I made to celebrate the birth.  Elsie is doing very well as is her Mum.  Her Mum is a family friend but more importantly and a long standing friend of my daughters.



My daughter also asked me to make a pram blanket to go with the hamper we put together for Elsie and her Mum.  As we didn’t know until Elsie was born she was going to be a girl I knitted 2 one for a girl and one for a boy!!  As you can see this is the girl one Smile



I thoroughly enjoyed making these blankets and can#t wait to knit some more!!!

Well I must escape from the computer so that I can get ready to pick up the girlies to go crafting. 

Lesley x


Jackie said...

Stunning card and a lovely blanket Lesley.
Enjoy your crafty weekend :o)
Jackie xx

jimlynn said...

Lesley, your card is sensational! So pretty and cute and just perfect for a baby card.
Love the blanket too!
Have fun crafting this weekend.