Sunday, 7 June 2015

Moules et frites au bord de la mer!!

The weather is glorious and yesterday I rode into Sarzeau to have a wander around the market, something I really love to do.  I bought some amazing meat from the local butchers - 'porc grillade Bretagne' which was pork lion stuffed  with what looked like bacon I think - we BBQ'd it and ate it with salad - delicious.   Totally forgot to take any pictures though. 

Friday we visited Port Navalo with Joe's cousin and her husband after a wander around by the light house we had a lunch of Moules  and frites at Bar de la Plage Port Navalo.

After lunch we drove to the Pointe du Petit-Mont where there is a large ancient Cairns which you can pay entry to go and look inside.  Rather than that We took a walk around the head land.  Although there was some wind it was glorious sunshine and there are spectacular views of the sea and Port Navalo.  We followed this  by a walk on the beach at Kerjouanno.

Our last stop before returning to the campsite was a late afternoon drink at the 'Grain de Poivre at Fleur de Sel at St Gildas.

Lesley x


jimlynn said...

This looks so relaxing and fun! Know the countryside is so pretty too.
Have fun!

Jackie said...

Lovely photographs Lesley, looks as though you are enjoying yourselves :o)
Jackie xx