Thursday, 28 May 2015

Spring is in the Air

Well only a few hours sleep last night after working a night which I find very disruptive my sleep patterns these days.  Considering when I was young I used to work permanent nights I can’t believe how it affects me these days.  It’s worse than jet lag as it takes me over a week to get a decent nights sleep grrrrrrrrrrr.

But on a good note the day has started with sunshine so looks like we will have a lovely day and I should be able to get out in the garden and mow the lawn.  The tomatoes and cucumber plants are planted out in their grow bags in the green house.

I did a recent card class in Long Eaton and this was one of the cards that we made.  It’s called a ‘pop out window’ card.  Looks complicated but is actually very simple to do.

I’m off to do the ironing now something I don’t much like doing but is a necessity  some times!! Hoping to be able to pop in the craft room later this afternoon before I go to the hairdressers this evening!!

Lesley x


Jackie said...

Morning Lesley, seeing as you are fairly close to me I presume that you have the grey, wet look that has replaced yesterdays glorious sunshine!
A beautiful card, love the style and the Autumn look :o)
Jackie xx

Rushd Lady said...

What a lovely card! Thank you for stopping by my craft blog and leaving a comment! You made my day!

Tracey said...

Lovely card Lesley a very different style. I hope you manage to get back into a proper sleep pattern soon. Tracey x