Sunday, 11 October 2015

Winter Wonderland . . . . . .

Today is a sunny day, although Autumn has arrived quickly and it's now getting dark around 6pm :( .  Soon the winter will be with us and it will be never ending days of going to work in the dark coming home in the dark, having to have the heating on and very little sun!!  I'm depressing myself just thinking about it!!

Enough of this, I will write about something more positive.  

Friday night I went to a friends with a friend to create a few more Christmas cards.  Yes, the pressure is hotting up as the 'Season of Joy' will soon be upon us!!!  Although I'm doing quite well with my collection.  I started to prep for a dozen cards that I've been asked to make for a friend.  

These cards were made several weeks ago in ready for when the 'ladies at Long Eaton' met up for a day of  Christmas crafting.

I'm planning on putting together a few 'Snow Man' soups in a few weeks time as they are always handy little gifts.   I'm also on the look out for round red colour sweets that are the size of Malteezers as a friend has asked me to make a few packets of  'Reindeer noses'!!  I did some a couple a years ago and they went down well too.  To date I've not found any thouhg :( 

Lesley x


Babs Watson said...

Gorgeous the colours..

Jackie said...

Beautiful card Lesley, I love that tree stamp :o)
Jackie xx