Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Father's Day in Jard sur Mer . . . .

Although it was a few days ago now on Father's Day we took a trip to Jard sur Mer about and hours drive south from where we are staying.  I've visited Jard before and it reminds me of what a seaside town should look like.  

The blue skies and wall to wall sunshine were just a perfect setting to join the French for Sunday lunch.  The restaurant was all geared up for event.  When we arrived there were very few people in the restaurant but within half an hour it was full with the owner turning customers away as there were no tables available.  We were lucky as when we sat down most people had reserved a table!!




We shared a entrėe of and assiette de charcuterie followed by moules au Rochefort.  It wasn't until this trip that I realised  Rochefort cheese was made from sheeps milk. See you learn something new every day!!  We washed this lovely meal down with a bottle of rosė cider, which is lovely and refreshing to have with a midday meal and unlike English cider is only 1 or 2% alcohol. 

Next to Le Sloop there was a stand selling chi chi, one of my favourite French seaside delicacies but  sadly I was full, so I was unable to have a cone 😞, but generally I'm optimistic so there will always be a next time!  


After lunch we took a stroll along the break water.  The French love a 'promenade' after lunch!

Well that's all for day 

Lesley 🌞🌞

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Merry said...

These photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing. I have googled 'chi chi' and still not quite sure what it is. Is it a mexican food….if it is I think I will have to find some around here. :-) Happy travels.